How to get your Rat to Trust you in 4 EASY Steps!

By Small Furries - May 08, 2019

Very few people realize how active and crazy rats can be when they are babies, they are literally all over the place! This paired with the cute videos of cuddly, sleepy rats means many people get confused when their rat won’t sit still!

The truth is that rats only tend to calm down as they age, although some rats may have a naturally calmer personality from birth. Rats will also calm down if they are neutered, but wanting them to be calmer is not a valid reason for neutering.

Most of my rats have started to slow down at about a year and a half, and turn into hibernating potatoes over the age of 2 ! Any younger and they move around so fast you can barely take a photo.

This step by step guide is aimed towards new rat owners with new scared rats, who would like to be able to interact with them more. If you are introducing 1 or more new babies to your mischief, don’t forget to quarantine them for 2 weeks first!

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Place your hand inside on the cage floor and allow the rats to come up and sniff you, if you are weary they may bite you, wear thick gloves, this will also help with your confidence which they can definitely sense!

Step 2 – When you feel your rats are comfortable with your hand, they may even climb on you, bring them a treat. They will start associating the smell of you and your hand with treats! Try not to feed them high sugar treats too often as they are very prone to obesity and it sneaks up on you! Use tiny pieces to ensure they aren’t receiving too much but are still able to continue the training.

Step 3 – After you are happy that your rats will willingly come up to you and take food from you, you can attempt to stroke them while they are eating. This can take a couple of attempts, remember to never trap the rat or forcefully pick it up.

Step 4 – If you’re comfortable that your rat has started trusting you, you can attempt to pick them up and take them to their free roam area where you should sit with them so they can get used to you. To prevent your rat flying out of your hands in mid-air, scoop them up and hold them close to your chest. This will make them feel safer too!

Of course not all rats will be this easy and you may need to repeat these steps until you see results. Some rats may never want to interact with you due to their past home or their personalities but that’s OK, they still deserve all the love you can give and they’ll still need the same amount of attention as the others.


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