What Gender is My Rat Short Quiz!

By Small Furries - May 13, 2019

We’ve all been in that situation when we suddenly realise that female rats shouldn’t have testicles!

Because rats can breed at such a young age ( 5 weeks! ) its crucial to know which gender your rat is to ensure you can house them separately or get them neutered before its too late.

I ordered two Males from a pet shop as my first two rats and when I got them home and did some research I quickly learnt that they were both female!

Under the age of 5 weeks, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between males and females but you should never be sold a Rat any younger than this anyway.

Please note this quiz is just for fun and is not to be used as an official gender determining quiz. Please do more research or take your rat to a vet if you are unsure!


Does your rat have obvious Testicles?
A – Yes, huge testicles!
B – Not that I can see.

Which Picture Best Resembles your Rats genitals?

A – Genital and Anus are further apart.
B – Genitals and Anus are close together.

Does you rat have nipples?
– None at all.
B – Yes (there should be 12!)

How big would you say your rat is in general?
A – Huge!
B – Tiny Little Bean <3

Does you rat like running around?
A – No, it just likes sleeping and cuddling!
B – Yes, it won’t sit still! Do they ever sleep?!


Mostly A
Its highly likely you have a MALE Rat!

Mostly B 
Its highly likely you have a FEMALE Rat!


Fun Fact - Did you know that MALE platypus, echidnas, mice, horses and rats do not have nipples!


Small Furries 2019 Extended Diploma in Animal Management


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